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The Tavern 🍻

Pirates, Body Builders, Thugs... Oh my! We all know the prime place to get your next bounty is a tavern! You, as a bright eyed young intern just graduated with a bachelors in bountyology, have decided that it's your time to shine when it comes to the bounty business! Instead of hunting down those pesky criminals... you decided that you want to work in the local tavern. Your job is to not only sell drinks, but to play matchmaker between bounties and bounty hunters! You must study these brutes, haggle with them, and last a week in The Tavern to get hired full time.

Status ⚙️

Released on January 12th, 2020! 🎉

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Yukon's Thoughts 🤔

I made this with Jennifer Kindl and Gavin Camlin! It’s a video game! You can get wasted in it lol

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