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S W I T C H 🛠️

S W I T C H is a level creation game about screwing over your friends!

Status ⚙️

Released on October 31st, 2016! 🎉

Platforms 🕹️

Yukon's Thoughts 🤔

Originally made for the igda becker chapter 24-hour game jam, S W I T C H is a little multiplayer experience brought to life by Chloe Tibets and me.

While we didn’t have enough time during the game jam to push a lot of content in S W I T C H, we managed to implement several challenging hazards for the player to overcome, as well as a solid multiplayer experience.

Fun fact: we made this a few months before the Nintendo Switch was announced, and we happened to pick the same name and color palette almost perfectly LOL

Screenshots 🖼️