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Project Birchtree ☕

Project Birchtree is about Marsh, a laid-back barista witch saving her town from being overrun by demons from the driver's seat of her old beat-up coffee truck. In this Basic Witch mobile game, hipster demons are hot on your trail! Swerve to avoid obstacles around you, plow through hellish hordes, and throw your various enchanted lattes to thwart their take over humanity.

Status ⚙️

Dead af 💀

Yukon's Thoughts 🤔

Basic Witch was a collaboration between Gavin Camlin, Jordan Kegler, Jennifer Kindl, James Currier, and myself. With the intent of creating a marketable mobile game, we built Project Birchtree with a focus on data-driven design, using targeted soft-launches and advertisement campaigns to gather user data on several core metrics, potential data on ab tested mechanics, monetization plans and implementation, and overall core gameplay loop balance and difficulty adjustments.

Project Birchtree won the College & University – Brisket category at the MassDigi Game Challenge 2019, as well as best business plan.

Screenshots 🖼️